This was my first computer mod ever. I wanted to build a compact gaming PC using an old Apple Mac SE-30 case. I renamed it to SE-3000 once I was finished with it. It took me about 4 months of working in my spare time to completely finish the mod. Since the Mac SE was the first computer I ever used I decided to find an old (non-functioning) one on eBay.  Once I received it, I carefully gutted the computer, and figured out which parts could be reused to complete my mod.



I wanted the computer to be authentic looking so I decided against replacing the existing monitor with a functioning LCD panel. Instead, I had a friend of mine cut off the back side of the monitor using sand-blasting technology, and used the front side as a window for the case.

In order for the Gigabyte Micro-ATX motherboard to fit in my SE case I had to use a skill-saw & cut a big hole in the back of the case. I also used a Dremel & cut a hole in the front for the DVD/CD combo drive. I cut holes for my fans also. I used an older PC case to design the back of my computer & my Motherboard tray. In order to cover up the mistakes I made in cutting out the back I used metal carpet trim around the newly created opening. I also used the power/reset buttons of that case and attached it to the back of the SE. I found a perfect sized toilet rubber gasket seal in the local hardware store to place around the power button.

Opened-6  Opened-2

I spray painted a 400W power supply black and attached it to a custom-cut aluminum diamond-plate then attached my new Seagate Hard-Drive to the power supply.

I used silicone-washers to separate the power supply, from the hard drive and the hard drive from the aluminum diamond plate.

Opened-3  Opened-1

I placed a super-quiet intake fan in the back of the case and placed an outtake fan in the top of the case to blow out the warm air.


I cut off the old case feet and designed my own clear acrylic ones with an opening in them for a small blue LED light.


At the end I sanded the whole case down and sprayed it white Krylon primer & metallic-silver spray paint. I also painted the inside of the case, and all the metal brackets used to keep the components together. I wanted to keep the original Apple logo, so I masked it off with Play-Doh while painting the outside of the case. I also spray painted the front bezel of the DVD drive.


I designed all my logos in Illustrator & had vinyl stencils cut out at a local sign shop. I used those stencils to spray-paint the logos on my case & PSU. After it dried I used clear-coat to finish the case.


For the logo on the window I used a clear vinyl cutout to get that nice window etching effect.


If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section. I’d be more than happy to answer any of them.

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